Mobile data offload is a great way for service providers to save operational costs by connecting subscribers to available Wi-Fi networks. The main risk in data offloading is losing reputation and users’ satisfaction if the alternative connectivity is not reliable enough and do not provide users with good connectivity experience.

Offloading Fundamentals - Trusted Amenity Network

Partnering with trusted amenity network provider is a key factor in data offloading success.

Who is included at the Wefi Amenity Network?

Wefi’s Amenity Wi-Fi Network is a virtual network of over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in retail stores, major food chains, libraries, hospitals, hotels, airports, universities and many other establishments and venues which Wefi’s automated and policy controlled connection manager connects and provides high quality internet. 

Wefi Amenity Wi-Fi Coverage Map

USA Coverage MAP-medium dots.png

Wefi Amenity Wi-Fi Network Leading Brands