MSO Solutions

Take Control of Your Subscribers' Connected Experience

Today’s MSOs are much more than just a broadband or TV provider. MSOs strive to deliver data and content services both in- and out of home, and massive Wi-Fi deployments performed by MSOs both in the U.S. and globally are a great testimony to that.

Everyone understands that optimal connectivity experience is key to high customer value and stickiness. But how can you ensure that the customers always get the best, wherever they are? Can you ensure that your Wi-Fi resources are deployed efficiently and are delivering the user experience they were planned to deliver? Can you ensure that your subscribers are getting the best video streaming, voice, data and conferencing applications experience from your deployed Wi-Fi networks and Cell connectivity?

With WeFi’s MSO Solution, you have a way to enforce, monitor, manage and improve the connectivity experience, get insights for most efficient planning and thus maximize the value of deployed network resources.

How it Works

It’s all about connectivity and data. WeFiConnect, our patented solution, combines a mobile Connection Manager and a Data Collection SDK  that provides ongoing data collection and aggregation from consumers’ mobile devices.

Our datasets and dashboards provide invaluable view into day-to-day experience of your users. Whether at home or on the go, connected to a cellular network, home Wi-Fi, MSOs own network or just a public hotspot, WeFi offers detailed information about the user experience and arms the MSO with actionable insight.

Our existing data collection covers most metro areas of the USA. However, for best results, it is recommended that our customers facilitate data collection in their target geographies by using our on-device software.

The WeFiConnect actively enhances the connectivity experience by leveraging our advanced on-device Connection Canagement capabilities and Wi-Fi Locator functionality.

Data and Insights


Our data covers multiple aspects of smartphone and tablet connection quality, application usage and location, with unprecedented granularity of 10x10 meters and exact identification of a specific network and app. We observe the speeds your subscribers are getting while watching YouTube on your Wi-Fi network compared to their own home Wi-Fi or cellular networks, exact locations where they succeed or fail to connect, and other parameters of the experience.

Our macro-level insights include network adoption rates over time, connectivity statistics per state or metro area, competitive insights and more.

The insights are available through a set of interactive Tableau dashboards. Additional dashboards may be added per customer request.

The solution also includes a network planning product that uses our demand-based approach for determining the best locations for deployment of new Wi-Fi networks.

For customers who want to perform their own analysis, the data is also available in raw form.

On-Device Software


WeFiConnect on-device software is delivered in two formats: an SDK library that can be integrated into any existing mobile app, or a standalone Wi-Fi Assistant application.

The SDK constantly collects data that qualifies and quantifies the user experience. Optionally, the SDK  can also manage the device’ connectivity by seamlessly attaching and detaching from Wi-Fi networks, providing the “Always Best Connected” experience.

The Wi-Fi Assistant application includes the SDK and offers additional front-end functionality that helps the consumer connect to the MSO network. The features include a map of Wi-Fi locations and search for nearest hotspots, connectivity notifications and network updates, as well as our advanced Speed Test and Network Analyzer features.

The look-and-feel of the application can be fully customized according to your brand requirements, and custom features can be added upon request.