Unlock additional market potential by using Wefi Data

Our unique data collection and aggregation methodology allows us to collect vast amounts of data pertaining to location, network usage, application usage, demographics and more.

Our data collection is done continuously, on a 24x7 basis, and thus offers the finest possible resolution into the end users’ movement, app usage, location-based impressions, and mobile content consumption. Our data provides unprecedented 10x10 meter resolution, allowing for precise attribution of the users’ locations to specific venues, such as businesses, highways, shopping centers, stadiums, airports, etc.

By partnering with us, you can enrich your existing datasets and generate additional revenue by providing your customers precise insights on the consumption of mobile content and apps, granular footfall analysis, mobile network quality, and much more.

How it Works

We have developed a number of predefined datasets reflecting various aspects of mobile experience. The customers can choose to use one of those predefined dataset, or create a custom dataset answering their specific needs.

Some of the predefined datasets are:

  • Geobinned Application and Network Usage

  • Daily Application Usage

  • Network Sessions and

  • Mobile Coverage and QoS

  • WiFiBase – the database of Wi-Fi access networks

The data can be delivered as raw data feed or as cleansed and aggregated data sets. Delivery method can be CSV or similar format on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, via FTP or directly to your cloud repository.