MNO Solutions

Targeted Improvement-to-the-Network Experience

Today’s increasingly complex network environment provides many great opportunities but also creates significant challenges for network operators.   The widespread availability of high quality Wi-Fi networks and the coming CBRS networks provide the opportunity to supplement MNO facility based networks.  New licensed bands deployed by MNOs have increased the ability of carriers to manage capacity and coverage in new ways. But all these options make it harder for MNOs to maintain and improve the user experience – and balance various network options against cost constraints.

With WeFi’s MNO Solution, you have a way to monitor, manage and improve the connected experience, get insights for most efficient planning and thus maximize the value of deployed network resources.

How it Works

It’s all about data.

The Wefi Data Collection and Analytics Solution is a patent protected fully integrated solution consisting of a flexible SDK based client, a highly scalable backend and fully redundant cloud based infrastructure and a team of highly experienced professionals all working together to meet the needs of our Mobile Carrier partners.   

By collecting information from the mobile device, we get a unique view into the customer experience that is simply not available from data taken from the network side. Only Wefi can see every network that the user sees and only Wefi Data can provide the complete view of the user’s experience with data networks.

The Database is an existing trove of data with measured user experiences on over [1 billion] data sessions across the US on all major carriers.  MNOs can use this data immediately to understand user experience – on its own cellular network, on partner Wi-Fi networks and on competing MNO networks.  And it can use this data to plan its future network builds and to make better connection decisions in the field.

Even better data can be obtained by integrating and deploying the WefiConnnect SDK – a small footprint client that can be easily integrated into some other existing application that the Mobile Carrier controls.   Once resident on a device - either via preload or by an update to the host application - the client works in the background to collect data from the device.  All collected data is aggregated and anonymized.  The user’s identity is hashed on the device ensuring that no personally identifiable information will ever be collected.

The collected data is then uploaded to the Wefi backend.  The vast majority of the data is uploaded when the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network so as to avoid overuse of the user’s cellular data plan.   We collect over 200 different parameters from every device including information on network identities (both cellular and Wi-Fi, connected and in the scan), network performance (usage, speeds, latencies, connection failures, log in times), location (as reported by the device), movement and applications (as installed, data used, foreground time).  

This treasure trove of information can be used for planning and managing a network.  Most importantly, it provides insight into user experience on other wireless networks (when MSO customers are on cellular networks for example).  And the ability to see location provides rich new opportunities for our customers to monetize data in new and unique ways.

Wefi Data Collection and Analytics is provided to the Mobile Carrier customer as a daily feed which the customer can easily incorporate with other data into its operational data repository.  This provides the maximum amount of flexibility for the customer to do its own analysis and visualization.

Alternatively, we can engage our big data analytics team to work with the customer on best practices to analyze and interpret our data.  And we use the latest tools to help the customer present analysis of the data in a visually compelling way.

Enabling "Always Best Connected"

The same code base that is used to collect device data can be used to actually make connection decisions based on the data.  The WefiConnect connection manager has been one of the leaders in the market for many years.  It uses the data collected from devices matched against policies set by the MNO to ensure that the user is always connected to the best available connection – as defined by you, the carrier.

Together this is an unmatched suite of services available to the MNO.  Contact us for more information.