MVNO Offload Solution

Using the WefiConnect Network Access, Wefi provides the integrated MVNO Offload Solution that will substantially reduce wholesale costs and improve user experience without the financial commitment of a software license fee.

The MVNO Offload is a fully integrated solution consisting of the WefiConnect CM and the WefiConnect Data Collection SDK-based client, Wefi’s highly scalable, fully redundant cloud-based back-end and infrastructure, and the Data Analytics services to meet the needs of our MVNO partners.   

The WefiConnnect MVNO Offload starts with the client – a mobile client designed either as an SDK which can be integrated into some other existing application that the MVNO controls or as a stand-alone application for preload onto MVNO devices.  The latter approach is typically used for addressing new customers; the former more quickly addresses an existing base and the need for updates.  Most of the functions of the client are performed in the background with little-to-no user involvement.  Optionally, the UI can include Wefi’s Find Wifi SDK, a map-based interface that enables the user to locate and connect to nearby hotspots.


Key Features

·      Connection Manager

Smart and optimal connectivity to nearby Wi-FI and Cell networks with unique ability to connect to free, Captive and Wholesale Wi-Fi networks

·      Call data offload

Configurable policy offload capability where the MVNO can set connectivity preferences to by networks, quality, users group and more. For example: always connect to an available wholesale Wi-Fi network even if a free network is available.

·      Wi-Fi data metering

An API-based function allowing the MVNO to meter (in real-time) the offloaded data. Real-time and offline CDRs are generated and sent to the MVNO metering and billing system.

·      Data Collection

Using the WefiConnect Data collection SDK, constantly collecting data from the MVNO devices to serve as analytics data for the delivered dashboard and for the MVNO analytics team.

·      Analytics

A set of dashboards, KPIs, and reports on the data offload service.



  • Monthly EDR & CDR data

  • Daily billing report

  • Monthly billing summary

  • Weekly operational reports and dashboards

  • Data feed suite