Wireless Network Performance Testing has Evolved

WeScore provides the next generation of Mobile Network Testing at your fingertips. Over 500k devices providing 1.2 billion records per month with insights covering real user behavior across the full range of user devices


Better than drive test: continuous testing vs. twice a year, whole market vs. a limited route, true indoor, multiple devices, and insight into traffic volumes. Gather data on the customer experience from hundreds of thousands of devices daily.

Better than crowd speed tests: crowd sourced programs usually rely on distribution through speed test apps which can lead to a biased set of users and a small set of metrics. WeScore’s SDK is distributed through multiple partners and gives an unbiased user base with vastly more samples across a wider range of metrics due to background data collection combined with app-generated active tests.


WeScore provides actionable data insights about the network functionality in different situations such as varying network loads, dayparts, number of connected users, weather, and before / after network upgrades. We can even determine the performance of handset models on the network.

WeScore provides granular reporting at the 100M pixel level


WeScore provides rollups to market level benchmarking


WeScore finds and provides extensive data into network trouble spots


The next generation of network performance testing can be at your fingertips.