Data - The WeFi Advantage

The key to WeFi technology is our unique, patent-protected historical experience database.  For the past 5 years across millions of users, we have collected information on the user experience of data networks.  Every time a user has connected to a network, the experience of that network has been recorded alongside information on every other network option available at that time and location.  As depicted below, that information is sent to our backend servers and then stored in a historical experience database.

wefi - technology.png

The WeFi Connect Network Access Solution leverages this database of historical experiences as well as policies set by the service provider to determine the best network choice for the user at every time and location.  Only WeFiConnect offers a self-learning system that records user experiences and uses this information to make better connection decisions.  

The WeFi Data Collection and Analytics solution leverages this same database to provide unique insights to service providers.  By utilizing this database of information collected directly from user devices, we have the ability to see the full range of user experiences with data networks.  And with 5 years of experience collecting data from millions of users, we have become the best in the industry at collecting accurate data and keeping up with rapid changes in the device ecosystem.  

The WeFi approach is scalable, custom built for the unique needs of MVNOs and service providers and fully tested with millions of users in real world deployments with some of the leading telecommunications companies in the world.