Connected for Optimal User Experience 

WefiConnect CM is a market-leading, patented Connection Manager, enabling smart and optimal connectivity to free, captive, and wholesale Wi-Fi and Cellular networks.  

It was launched by Wefi in 2006, used by tens of millions of users around the globe and enables organizations to offer optimized mobile broadband connectivity quality of experience while implementing an organization highly optimized and controlled cost efficiency. 

Why is it so unique?

Every device offers native connection manager? Well, not like WefiConnect CM does.

Just sensing the current connectivity conditions will not give your users the quality of experience they seek for and the organization the optimized and efficient network you want to build.

The WefiConnect CM solution is based on the notion of a perpetual positive feedback loop between WefiConnect server and all WefiConnect CM Clients and implements:



  • Real-time sensing of existing and candidate surrounding networks 

  • Performance monitoring of current and candidate networks based on historical data analytics 

  • Business objective policy parameters  

  • Network selection decision scoring by policy, conditions and history.   




The WefiConnect CM decision engine continuously calculates a “dynamic priority score” for all candidate networks.

The decision engine integrates multiple factors and weights, as defined by the currently active policy for the specific client, to calculate the dynamic priority score, using Wefi’s advanced proprietary algorithms. 

If a candidate network has a higher priority score than the currently connected network, network re-selection is performed.  


To Service Providers 

  • Increased, Seamless Wi-Fi Usage 

  • Better User Experience 

  • Offloading - Optimized Infrastructure Utilization 

  • Optimized Infrastructure Planning 

To Content Providers  

  • Always Best Content Experience 

  • Higher Video Ad Completion Rates  

  • Reduction of Content Delivery Tolls  

To End-Users 

  • Always Best Connected

  • Optimized Power Consumption