We are proudly presenting WiFiBase® - the world’s largest and richest database of Wi-Fi networks.

What is WiFiBase®

We are tracking over 300,000,000 (yes, that’s three hundred million) Wi-Fi locations, and are adding over 10 million new Wi-Fi locations per month.

WiFiBase® contains exact location, wi-fi name and category for each Wi-Fi network, as well rich QoS information such as download speeds, latencies and more. We provide information both on Wi-Fi networks belonging to businesses, and private Wi-Fi networks [1].

Our data is alive – new networks are added, and data on existing networks is constantly updated by our user community.

How Can You Benefit From WiFiBase®?

There are many potential applications for WiFiBase® data across various industries. Some of those are:

  • Consumer Internet: Providing info on Wi-Fi location to consumers as a convenience service to help better connectivity
  • Advertising: Infer location context (specific business, location category)
  • Devices and IoT: Track exact location of devices, especially in urban environment
  • Location-based services: Using Wi-Fi coordinates to better determine location, outdoor or indoor

The sheer size of our database, richness of technical parameters, high accuracy and advanced QoS metrics make our dataset truly unique.

Data Delivery

The data is available as flat files that are periodically uploaded to the customer’s systems. Alternatively, the customer can be provided with online access to a dedicated cloud database set up.

A RESTful API is also available.


[1] We do not collect or present passwords for private networks.