The Wefi Data Collection and Feed provides a mean of collecting a large variety of data points from massive number of mobile devices, aggregate it and feed it as cleansed, modulated data aggregated in data sets by data classes.

Data Collection SDK (DC-SDK)


An easy to integrate and efficient SDK that collects above 200 data points from Android devices. Adopted to work with Android 4 and above, it can be integrated to any Android App or SDK. It runs in background and collects data in five categories: Location, Network, Apps, time and Device.

The SDK is built to handle user permissions, limitations of running in backgrounds in Android 8.0 and above and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Collected Data Dictionary

The data collected by the DC-SDK is cleansed, normalized and aggregated into Wefi’s US based data center. Our data dictionary, available by request, consists of ten data sets. All data collected is 10x10 meter location based.

All collected data is non-personalized and respect all privacy protection rule.


How We Collect Data


Feed Methods

Full or partial data sets are fed to customers via FTP, to AWS S3 or via API